Years behind devoted to extensive investigations and practical observations during a building process of complex acoustic systems have lead to ability to innovate in different purpose speaker designs and with the Square One concept we took the challenge to design a new breed of professional two-way active studio reference monitors to serve both nearfield and midfield environments.

Why studio reference monitors? There are obviously many reasons but the major is our commitment to build a highly accurate equipment for precise representation of the sound sources so they can be captured and blent together at the best possible quality. To improve the quality and push the performance limits the non-conventional acoustic system design goals had to be challenged.


“The basic Square One concept goal was to develop a point source type acoustic system”

The basic Square One concept goal was to develop a point source type acoustic system that is universal and especially appropriate equipment for professional sound recording studio and capable to represent entire musical idea of the audio engineer flawlessly.

Design goals

System overview

As a result of the all ideas embedded in Square One concept we have created a two way professional reference monitor which is a combination of high sensitivity horn based HF design and resonance type LF design based on extremely long excursion 4 x 5.25" LF drivers per monitor together ensuring excellent transient response and very low non-linear distortions. The enclosure features triangular cavities on the sides carrying acoustic load, acoustic x-over and directional source radiator functions. All of the set and executed design goals ensure following features: